Friday, February 6, 2009

I am the worst Blogger ever

Okay so after a VERY long running and blogging hiatus, I've renewed my committment to running 30 marathons by the age of thirty (and if I'm luck ON my 30th birthday). I've been traveling a bunch lately, so I guess I can claim that for my delinquency. I went to Portland in December with my sister and her baby. Portland is like running Mecca, so when she suggested the trip to me, I was so excited to make a pilgrimage. Little did I know that Portland in December is rainy, unpredictable, and hilly (although I guess the hilly thing isn't actually seasonal). I got in a few runs which made me feel awesome that I had sprinted on the same roads as Kara Goucher and the Halls, but when the snow started falling I had to bow down to the weather gods and snuggle up inside my aunt's old Victorian house. After Portland, I went home for the holidays, then traveled to London (where I ran only once due to my inadequate knowledge of how to get around. I keep forgetting that not everywhere is New York City and that if you get lost, you're actually lost instead of in some vicinity of a street with a number on it). After London, I returned to Manhattan and, without any sort of racing plan or next race to look forward to, I stopped running all together.

I started running almost a year ago; started training for races 9 months ago. At that point I had been training for half-marathons, while running a few shorter races in the interim as "tempo runs". After reading a really great blog (, I was inspired not only to train more actively, but also to race more often. I'm running the Bronx half this Sunday and then the Al Gorden snowflake 5k on February 21 and then the Coogan 5k on March 1. I had originally hoped to run a marathon on March 21st, in Washington DC, and maybe I still will, depending on how my run on Sunday goes. I'm excited to start training and mostly racing again.

Okay, so now that I've caught you up, my Valentine's Day resolution (since it seems to be quite late for New Years' resoultions) is to be more diligent about my blogging.

Keep reading and I'll keep running.

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