Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And now for some light humor...

Things I wish I had thought of

Meanwhile, I skipped my long run to go to the US Open last night. Though I froze my tush off, I got to watch Venus Williams battle through the FIRST ROUND for THREE HOURS. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of good tennis going on (it was basically Venus effing up, and then getting points back, and then effing up again). And then, at 11:00, when she FINALLY won, Andy Roddick came on and soundly trounced Bjorn Phau(who is a serious hottie. Like I'm willing to give up my super crush on Michael Phelps for a little known half-German half-Indo tennis phenom. Yum.). Which, in terms of running, means I now have to perform my 18 mile long run this evening after work. Which wouldn't be a big deal except for one of the girls I work with called out and now I have to stay until 6, which means I won't finish my long run until 9. AND not only that, but now I'm a day behind in my training schedule which means I don't get a day off this week until Sunday. Oh well, I don't have too many evening plans this week, so I'll just have to bite it and move on.

Wah wah wah, okay I'm done with complaining for today. Not much is happening in the way of running. My Aruban friends are coming this weekend for a beach tennis tournament. Not all that exciting, except I get to hang out and be their fan club for a few days on the beach, and probably get some good running done down there. Oh, did I mention I have friends from Aruba? It comes in handy come November, let me tell you. They are in town all weekend though, through Wednesday, so I guess this weekend will be my taper week (read: heavy drinking week) before the September 13th Marathon. It's a better excuse to taper than I've had in a while!

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Laura said...

Love those office suggestions, and a beach tennis tournament sounds fun. Thanks for the smile :)

Which marathon are you running on the 13th? I forget.